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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Public Private Partnerships To End Modern Slavery by Ambassador-at-Large, Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Luis CdeBaca
Ambassador-at-Large, Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Building Bridges to Freedom Conference
Vatican City, Holy See
May 18, 2011

RaSands, PI Repeating Luis CdeBaca: My office in the State Department works with numerous faith-based organizations distributing millions of dollars for programs that bring survivors support and resources, that train those in criminal justice and law enforcement to identify victims of trafficking and get them the help they need, rather than treating them as criminals.

In about a month, the State Department will release the 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report, which will rank more than 180 countries on their efforts to combat modern slavery. In addition to that, it will ask the question, “What are the next steps?” and it will point to the places and the people in the world that are already setting an example for the rest of the global community.

The idea is that we have to move forward in earnest on all that was accomplished during the decade of development, and usher in a decade of delivery. The framework of the 3Ps is in place. The promise has been made. And now that we’re at this crossroads, we need to continue to act to see that promise fulfilled. The best way to deliver on that promise is for what we’ve termed the fourth P—partnership—to guide the way.

So why is this day different? Because across our identities—various faiths, governments, NGOs, and businesses, we come together to rededicate ourselves to this cause, in the name of all who have suffered in servitude. We can, and we must, win this fight.

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