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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Richard A. Sands, PD/PI Background and Bio!

Richard worked as an apprentice, journeyman and master electrical-electronic troubleshooter in major manufacturing and process automation industries for over 14-years while continuing his education in Liberal Arts.

In November 2001, while finishing his undergraduate degrees at Madonna University in Pre-Law and Criminal Justice, Richard investigated two homicide cases with multiple victims.  It was the beginning of his journey into the shadows of prostitution, drugs and the adult entertainment industry.

Richard has and currently continues to work closely with the victim’s families during his investigations and throughout the entire legal process including any appeals or parole hearings.  Working for both sides of the isle, at times, whether his investigation is focused on the defense or prosecution there are victims and above all else, the truth is always what leads us to justice.

March 16, 2007, Stephanie Brown, Richard’s 17-year old granddaughter, died of a fatal drug-overdose after being hired at a local strip-club where two patrons (a volunteer basketball coach and an ordained minister) including a dancer at the club told Stephanie she could make $3,000.00 (Three-Thousand) dollars to help them make a girl-on-girl porn video at a motel down the street.

The State of Michigan and Richard’s family successfully prosecuted the drug-dealer and later settled out-of-court with the strip-club for employing an underage person for sex-work; however, Richard continues to pursue other legal issues and criminal investigations regarding the case at local, state and federal levels including international law.

Richard is the President/CEO and Board of Directors Chairman, for two non-profit organizations “Stephanie’s Place” a faith-based group and “AhEeCOSH” the “Adult Entertainment Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health” group.  Richard continues to work with the victims, their families and other organizations including local, state and federal government levels to enact new ordinances, regulations or standards and laws to help protect our nations workers health and safety, equal protection and due process rights within the United States and aboard from the ongoing criminal enterprises of human – modern day slavery and drug trafficking.

Richard A. Sands, PD/PI
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