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Saturday, February 26, 2011

“Stop Human Trafficking (2011) by E-Verifying all American Workers”

The undersigned does herein and hereby respectfully request and recommend a due diligent review, open discussion and your full support of the following comments, requests and statements regarding the current seven House E-Verify bills as listed below for your most honorable and personal consideration.

American’s want, must have and need employment to survive, including economic recovery and a safe workplace to succeed as a family, local community or nation.  

Millions, if not Tens-of-Millions, are illegally working across the country and Hundreds-of-Thousands of them are being trafficked in and around these United States every year.  The damages caused by that fact alone is what has brought America to our knees, begging in the streets and praying for someone to help us.

That being said, we ask therefore that you, as our elected officials, please help us by enacting the following Seven (7) bills and/or any future bills with respect to E-Verifying all American Workers and thereby those enactments of said same helping U.S. to Stop Human Trafficking (2011) create jobs, promote economic recovery and a safer workplace in America.

Thank you for support - with best regards,

7 bill(s) matched our search for E-Verify. Showing bills 1 through 7.

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