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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sex Trafficking Conference 3/19/2011 - Money, Politics, Eye Candy, Alcohol and Drugs

Growing-up in a World Wide Web of Crime
The SOBS Corporate Inventory:

Perceptions, Illusions and Business Interests

A paradigm shift or change must first occur in the mindset of our society before a vast majority of people can understand what really happens behind the closed doors of organized crime, human and drug trafficking businesses that exist in the darkest-shadows of our world.

Our thoughts is, for the most part, focused on the things that we normally see or read about; therefore, it follows that the cliché “Out of sight, out of mind” plays a major role in our common perception of reality and what we believe or chose to believe is actually going on around us, in our neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

I think we can all agree as a practical matter, that people in general would rather like to feel safe and secure as opposed to worrying about crime or ongoing criminal activities.

However, the crooks and criminals understand that too!  Indeed, so does every municipality or government authority around the entire planet.  This brings me to the reason why their intent or hidden-agendas, on both sides of the isle, are without question meant to orchestrate the perception or an altered illusion of reality by hiding the truth.

·         Stay away from that part of town, bad news and it’s always nothing but trouble
o   Everyone knows a few places like that and where they’re found
·         Welcome to our community, good news and indeed we keep our neighborhoods safe
o   Everywhere you look there are patrol officers working to protect and serve
·         Neither crooks nor government authorities want criminal activities in the news-media
o   It is simply bad for business on either side of the isle and for a number of reasons.  Crooks don’t want to get caught and Communities don’t want the general public to think or know that there’s a problem that might adversely affect developers, financial investors and their future economic growth.
o   Who of you or why would anyone want to live, work or even think about allowing children to play anywhere near or around a well-known crime area?       

Victims and Survivors Working World Wide

Children are always blessed, without exception or question at birth, from that day forward they live, learn, and grow by any means necessary or what’s available to become adults themselves.  A child’s family, friends and other people play and have a certain part or roll in that process.  There is always a profound bond in any given community that shares in the joy of a child’s life.
Crooks and criminal enterprises want to be a part of that too!  The fact that children are impressionable always opens a few doors that can swing both ways to either heaven or hell on earth and if guided in the right direction, for the most part, will keep them out of harm’s way.

However, that said, it was just four-years ago on March 16, 2007, that my 17 year-old granddaughter lost her life after being hired at a local strip-club, given pure uncut cocaine by two patrons and another co-worker who told Stephanie she could make Three-Thousand Dollars to help them make a girl-on-girl pornographic video just down the street at another location.   

When the telephone rang that morning, my oldest daughter Melisa was in a panic because when she went to wake Stephanie up for school and Stephanie wasn’t in bed.  Melisa said she had been calling everyone and nobody or no one had a clue where Stephanie was.  Melisa then said someone was clicking in on the other line and she would call me right back.  Moments later Melisa called me back..., crying, screaming, yelling and trying to tell me Stephanie was dead.

It is most difficult for me to share this story with you about my family’s suffering because I have yet to deal with it myself.  Everyone else I know, family, friends and others have moved on with his or her lives and maybe that was the best way for them to accept and deal with Stephanie’s death just to survive the tragedy themselves.

I know from what everyone has told me that moving on with one’s life was the only real professional advice given, suggested or offered by the grief counselors, social workers and psychologists.   However, I swore than as I do here today, that I will never give-up fighting this war against human and drug trafficking so long as I live, and breathe to help save someone else from the suffering.  

Today, is Wednesday just three-days before the Conference and I’m writing this outline about what to say or talk about and thinking to myself that I am there and/or here now and I must or need to tell you that I have no clue where the last four-years have gone.

As a private detective and professional investigator, I have been and currently am involved with a number of local, state and federal agencies for over nine-years now working to help end/stop human and drug trafficking where over a dozen homicide cases were successfully prosecuted so far including the 2001 shooting death of two-twin four-and-a-half year-old boys.  All these criminal cases involved some form of adult entertainment where the “Secondary Negative Effects” is far-reaching and never-ending.

The only way I know how to survive these horrific crimes or case investigations is to work them for the sake of others and I don’t want to see anyone suffer the loss or pain like my family has in my granddaughter’s case.  In my heart, I know nobody, not one person ever honestly gets over or beyond the pain because there is always something to remind you of the loss, a birthday, holiday or special event... someone else losing someone so young.

Looking back over and during the last four-years, we went through the criminal trial in Stephanie’s case where one of the drug-dealing patrons at the strip-club was found guilty by a jury of providing narcotics to a minor causing death and was sentenced to 11-20 years.  Then there were all the demonstrations where sometimes Tens-of-Hundreds, close to a Thousand people showed up to beg the local city council to shut the strip-club down.  “Hands Holding Stephanie” events were held in 2008 – Lincoln Park, MI, 2009 – Lansing, MI and 2010 in Washington, DC just last year.  Meanwhile, throughout the last four-years I have currently a number of ongoing civil cases at the local, state and federal levels regarding the SOBS “Sexually Oriented Businesses” with respect to human trafficking, drugs, alcohol and code enforcement including new legislature to regulate adult entertainment without exception or further question.

The last thing I would like to comment on, is that, I cannot stress enough to everyone here including my posts or comments on the social-media networks, for example face-book, twitter and other providers that our biggest problem is the lack of public awareness.  During the last nine-years I talked with and/or interviewed hundreds of workers in adult entertainment, and they all, for the most part, had one story in common to tell or would at least share with me in absolute or strict confidence, they’re all scared to death and feel there is nowhere to turn, run or even who to trust.  We have to, need to and must earn victims and survivor’s trust without exception by letting them all know we do care and will do everything, whatever it takes or is necessary to help end/stop human trafficking, the pain and suffering and that we as a civil society are all responsible for each other as human beings ourselves.

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