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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Texas H.B. 1929 (Aliseda) – Sexually Oriented Businesses:

Texas H.B. 1929 (Aliseda) – Sexually Oriented Businesses: would create a state licensing scheme to be administered by the State Department of Health Services for owners, operators, employees, or independent contractors of sexually oriented businesses; (2) provide certain requirements that must be met to obtain a license, including ineligibility if a person has been convicted of certain criminal offenses; (3) prohibit a person from owning, operating, or working at, or otherwise engaging in a business transaction as an owner, operator, employee, or independent contractor at, a sexually oriented business unless the person holds a state license; (4) create civil and criminal penalties for a violation under the bill; and (5) provide that the bill’s requirements are in addition to any municipal or county regulation and that, to the extent of a conflict between the bill and a municipal or county regulation, the bill controls.

Texas H.B. 1930 (Zedler) – Human Trafficking: would, among other things, propose that the Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force examine the extent to which human trafficking is associated with the operation of sexually oriented businesses.

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