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Friday, April 22, 2011


The recipe for campaign finance strategies to ensure stakeholder’s business interests are increasingly profitable, while cooking the books to reduce costs and eliminate tax liabilities, workers compensation and other such expenses.

To stir-up the pot a little, add a fifth each of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Jose Cuervo and Bacardi 151.  Mix well and serve with or without ice.

While serving the drinks add a pinch, smidgen or dash of narcotics according to personal taste and distribute freely.

As bipartisan parties, lobbyists and associates comingle with groomed sex-workers, campaign finance managers, human resource agents and armed security bouncers collect personal guarantees, promises, contributions and other such collateral to ensure that all stakeholder business interests are without question protected including their suppliers who need additional protective services.

After having brought everything to a hard boil for a few minutes, serve the remaining politicians or other guests with a taste of this recipe and indeed they too will get in line with, waiting and/or holding their hands out wanting to share in the unlimited profits just to have a piece or slice of the Corporate American Pie.

Self-fulfilling recipe for political corruption and criminal enterprise parties, either serve and feed the beast or starve it to death and end the suffering.

A U.S. Political Cookbook
Authored, Edited and Published by
Richard A. Sands, PD/PI
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