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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Many American Workers begin 20/HR workweeks!

United States – Many American Workers begin 20/HR workweeks and thereby have created twice or doubled the jobs available nationwide.  We can help each other, our families and neighbors to survive this economic downturn by working together toward a better tomorrow.

Advocates determined that by working together and sharing our nations legitimate jobs across the country, everyone benefits to the same level or degree of being employed rather than being unemployed and dependent upon social programs or working illegitimate jobs for support. Consequently and/or in addition to, the 20/hr workweek employment program would help US end/stop drug, human and gun trafficking.  

That which is good, pleasurable and loving toward all things in-kind both animate and inanimate objects alike, ought to be in the best interest of all parties concerned; however, and because we have ‘freewill’ the choice is always personal and foremost, as indeed, “A ‘collective unconscious’ is the expression of both good and evil, pleasure and punishment, love and death.” (Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961)

The irony is that we need a paradigm shift in the mind-set of our individual perception of the current reality to understand why we must work together and without exception to avoid any further demise.

Indeed, global disasters around the world have always brought everyone together from both sides of the isle or social communities to engage in a common cause to help those in need.  All things considered, it would seem like common since would dictate that everything in our best interest is always working together 365.4 days a year without further question.

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