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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Review and Comment Re: Drug abuse diminishes Southwest Virginia's workforce, By Laurence Hammack

“In some years, more people have died of drug overdoses than in homicides, house fires and alcohol-related automobile accidents combined.”

“The impact of prescription drug abuse on the region's economy was just one of many aspects covered by the report released last week by One Care of Southwest Virginia.”

(Bloggers Notes) This has been repeated, time and time again, in many articles, reports and including most studies; however, we need to enforce our laws and prosecute both prescription and illegal drug pusher/dealers without exception...

One problem I know of and understand is that drug overdose deaths not reported properly with respect to the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Standards and are misleading when they do not include; moreover and as a negative result, exclude drug overdose deaths.  Drug dealers under current federal and some state laws are charged with a homicide or murder 2 in the second degree, with the possibility of up to a life sentence upon conviction.  

The UCR Stats are used a guide to help direct our efforts and resources on where, when, why and how to address public safety, health and welfare issues or concerns.

However, that said, if the stats themselves constitute a statistical fallacy, then we are not addressing or even aware of a bigger problem or those issues and thereby allowing the criminal activities, illegal enterprises and continuing drug wars/deaths to continue.

Drug, Human and Gun Trafficking operations are indeed, all three tied together.  When you find one, the other two is/are surely hidden somewhere in the shadows too!

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