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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GSA whistle-blower testifies on scandal / Bill Clinton & President Obama “Did somebody say Columbian prostitutes”

GSA whistle-blower testifies on scandal

Washington (CNN) -- A General Services Administration official who first raised questions about overspending at a 2010 Las Vegas conference said Tuesday that she supported the findings of a government investigation and the steps taken in response to the controversy.

"I share your anger and disappointment in GSA's conduct," said Susan Brita, a GSA deputy administrator, at a House Transportation Committee hearing on the scandal that has raised questions of systemic abuses of spending by the government procurement agency.

She said that among the steps taken was seeking reimbursement from GSA officials for government money spent on private parties and other personal benefits they received.

It was Brita's first public comment since the controversy erupted last month with an inspector general's report detailing the GSA's Western Region conference in Las Vegas that cost more than $800,000, as well as an employee reward program that violated government policies.

Coming in an election year, the scandal has become a political focal point, with Republicans seeking to frame it as as a reflection of big government abuse while Democrats say the problem involved a few bad players rather than a systemic rot.

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about a minute ago via White House Live

Bill Clinton & President Obama “Did somebody say Columbian prostitutes”

How can or do we fight worldwide corruption, the global sex-trafficking atrocities, especially when our own government officials are engaged in exploiting the victims, survivors and their families of organized modern-day slavery?

We must continue to publish, repost, repeat and share information for everyone’s human trafficking, modern-day slavery, prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership programs intended to provide awareness, education and enlightenment that advocates to “Look beneath the surface” in our own back-yards!

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