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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition - Human Trafficking Conference 2012 Part II

Richard Sands, Ret. PI - President/CEO, Stephanie's Place... 11 years ago, while finishing his undergrad degrees at Madonna University in Pre-Law and Criminal Justice, he investigated two horrific homicide cases with multiple victims as a criminal investigative paralegal.  It was the beginning of his journey into the shadows of prostitution, drugs and the adult entertainment industry.

This 2012 Human Trafficking Awareness Conference marks the 5TH Annual "Hands Holding Stephanie" event where Mr. Sands has shared his 17-year old granddaughter's story about being sex-trafficked at a local strip club, taken to a motel down the street, and given narcotics that caused her death.

Stephanie's gone, but we can all continue to provide anti-human trafficking, modern-day slavery awareness through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership programs to help each other end/stop the worldwide suffering going on in our own back-yards...  Help US end/stop drug, human and gun trafficking by reposting, sharing and repeating our prayers, hopes and dreams of saving one more child...

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