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Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Vote 4 Obama/Biden


2012 Vote 4 Obama/Biden

Richard Sands is a Retired Professional Investigator from Southgate, MI

Organizing is centered around personal stories — this is where you can tell yours. Why are you in? Let your fellow organizers know who you are, where you’re from, and why you’re here.

“Why I’m in” It’s the political agenda, mission and goals of our own Democratic Party that has, without question or exception, filled my heart with sincere hope for a better tomorrow by following and supporting President Barack Obama’s leadership in rebuilding America from the bottom up. “We the People” ought to and “Yes We Can” matter most to each other including our own family, friends, and community’s safety, health and welfare issues and indeed, before or above any corporate personhood special interests that we did, in-fact, help to build.

My name is Richard Sands, I am one of three 2012 Southgate 10th Prescient Delegates for the Democratic Party, I am working on my Master’s degree in Social Justice at Marygrove College, the Board Chairperson for Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition, as well as a State Ambassador for the United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities

Looking forward to working together with everyone and please feel free to contact me or review the following website and my blogs to get to know me a little better, thank you.

Richard A. Sands, Ret. PI
(MIRRC) Board of Directors
(AhEeCOSH) Investigative Reporter
Marygrove College – MA Student
Social Justice Program – 10th Cohort
734-771-7251 Fax: 734-281-4087,

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