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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bain Capital Under Investigation For Tax Avoidance-Romney Denies Any Benefit


Did Clint Eastwood steal Romney's thunder? Dirty Harry’s PoliTricks Message 4U
All right. I started, you finish it. Go ahead.

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I wondered about when the -- what do you want me to tell Romney? I can’t tell him to do that. I can’t tell him to do that to himself.

(APPLAUSE) Clint Eastwood’s message was brilliant social engineering that said, “YES WE CAN” His own Party and US Democrats will in November....

The New York Times is reporting that Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is among a number of firms being investigated by New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, for failing to pay taxes.

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  1. “You're So Vain” Mitt Romney thinks about “Takers ZX/ZY Makers” of America
    Mitt Romney Caught-On-Video Telling Group That “His Job Is Not To Worry About 47, 48, 49 Percent of All U.S. American Citizens”
    A +/- 3 Percent margin of error, means 44 maybe 52 Percent of All U.S. American Citizens have no chance under Romney’s hell or high water political agenda.
    (The Conservative Republicans trying to run or govern and control our country, these United States, seems to forget that “We the People” means everyone..., every man, woman and child – NOT 47, 48 or 49 percent. Which by the way, translates into what the republican conservatives really mean is that 98 percent of All U.S. American Citizens will eventually have no health care, food, housing, to you-name-it until the greedy two percent, corporate elite has it all, including maybe even our soul).