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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Department of Defense Instruction, Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) establishes DoD policy

Trafficking in Persons Training 1. Launch Trafficking in Persons Training  2. Trafficking in Persons Course Help You can close a training window by clicking the Close Window button (X) in the upper right corner.

Trafficking in Persons Training

Law Enforcement training module to assist Law Enforcement agencies in carrying out their responsibilities as outlined in DoDI 2200.01, Combating Trafficking in Persons. The module will review general TIP awareness training; identify the crime of TIP; actions to take, and provides scenarios for an appropriate response. This training will be mandatory for Law Enforcement and investigative agency personnel. Pre-test TIP Review Identifying Crime of TIP Taking Action DoD Response Student Scenarios Post Test


  1. http://​​/documents/training/​TIP%20Haiti%20Relief%20Efforts.​ppt Haiti Earthquake Relief - Combating Trafficking in Persons WARNING:This training deals frankly and candidly with the realities of trafficking in persons (TIP), which capitalizes on human misery and exploitation. To some people, being exposed to the details about trafficking in persons (TIP) may be considered distasteful.

    Repeating, reposting and sharing: “US law, and Presidential and DoD policies establish a zero tolerance for trafficking in persons (e.g., sex trafficking, forced labor, and related offenses). Each of us is called upon to help stop this horrible menace. We can’t do our part if we don’t know about the problem. This training is designed to raise your awareness of this serious matter.”