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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Former Secret Service Agent Reacts to Colombia Scandal
PHOENIX – More trouble for a group of Secret Service agents involved in a growing prostitution scandal. Congress may soon be conducting its own investigation.
We talked to a former secret service agent who lives here in the valley. Donald Tucker is shocked by what happened — saying if the allegations are true, these agents could have comprised the president’s security.
“There are so many bad things that could have happened with this incident, it’s mind boggling.”
For 25 years, Donald Tucker risked his life working for the Secret Service. He’s proud of being a part of such an elite agency. So when he got a call telling him about the scandal…
“I still have a lot of anger that these guys were to bring down the prestige of the agency that I worked for,for 25 years and do something stupid,” he says.
The Secret Service is still trying to figure out what exactly happened at a Colombian hotel last week. An advance team of agents was preparing for the president’s visit. Eleven of them were sent home after apparently bringing prostitutes back to the hotel.
“What if one of the prostitutes had been working for a terrorist organization and was sent to this hotel to meet with agents to find out what the president’s schedule was? The agents have the president’s schedule of where he’s going to be, who he’s going to talk to. What if some of those documents got out prior to the president’s arrival?”
“These guys are not professional. They don’t have any integrity. They would go to a foreign country and not only embarrass the county, they’re embarrassing their agency and they’re embarrassing the president of the United States.”
Tucker worked for the Secret Service during Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations.
How can or do we fight worldwide corruption, the global sex-trafficking atrocities, especially when our own government officials are engaged in exploiting the victims, survivors and their families of organized modern-day slavery?
How, in God’s name (as “In God We Trust”) can we tell or ask the rest of the World to shape-up to our own righteous Philosophy or Standards, the United States allegedly advocates, when by example we all fail, indeed, as in do as I say, not as I do?
We must continue to publish, repost, repeat and share information for everyone’s human trafficking, modern-day slavery, prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership programs intended to provide awareness, education and enlightenment that advocates to “Look beneath the surface” in our own back-yards!

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